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About Cathy

Hi, I’m Cathy, and I’m learning how to cook.

I never really needed to learn how to cook as a kid. However, I liked to dabble in the kitchen, or with our sewing machine, and with watercolors during my three-month summer vacation.

When I moved to Germany in 2006, I needed to learn how to cook, ASAP, or else I wouldn’t  eat Filipino food AT ALL. And I discovered that I liked it! Now I like to cook a lot of dishes with organic veggies and unusual ingredients. And butter. A lot of butter.

Aside from being an experimental cook, I also am a writer, an organic gardener, a language enthusiast, a traveler, a mom, and a Toastmaster.

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  1. Hi! good luck with learning to cook! It can be frustrating but so rewarding – I’m a culinary school grad and cooked (and baked) for a living for years- I’m still learning!
    My husband gave me this awesome book for my birthday called “The Food Lab” by J. Kenji Lopez-Alt. Its full of good info – you should check it out.

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