Living History Experiment Days 5 and 6: Rinse and Repeat

Rag curls

The last experiment in the Living History Week is rag curls. Rag curls is when you take a strip of cloth, wrap your hair around it to form curls or ringlets to make your hair curly. This is one of the oldest curling techniques around, since there isn’t any special equipment needed. I was happy to finally be able to sleep properly, since the last few days of sleeping with rollers or beer in my hair¬† has proven to be…interesting.

The experiment was done in two different conditions: Once without any product, and again with a bit of coconut oil applied at the tips.

Day 5: Gilda Radner Frizz

Day 6: Rag Curls with Coconut Oil

From the curling methods I have tried this week, I was most satisfied with the result of the rag curls. It was closer to the curls I have in mind when I think of the 1940s. Nevertheless,¬† I wasn’t completely satisfied with the results of my first try, which came out a frizzy mess. I looked like Gilda Radner! And it stayed that way the whole day. Rag curls had some serious staying power. So on day six, I decided to apply some coconut oil on the tips and roots of my hair, wash it and re-do the rag curls, with the hopes that it won’t turn out so frizzy. I achieved a much better result, especially after I brushed it out. However, the curls had less staying power than the curls without any product. My hair returned to almost back to normal wavy by the evening.

Rag curls: Can definitely recommend. Up next: Conclusion and final thoughts

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