Living History Experiment Day 2: Victory Rolls and Sleepless Nights

Woke up like deez

I wonder why women have been torturing themselves for beauty. Uncomfortable, ill-fitting shoes, high heels, rollers in your hair…

Sleeping with rollers in my hair was a giant pain in the neck. Oh, God, maybe I was using the wrong rollers, Maybe I should have used hair pins, maybe I should have tied it up in bows, but I wanted victory rolls, so the giant rollers had to be set in. I had to contort my pillow into very bizzare looking shapes to accomodate my neck and the rollers around my head. I slept fitfully.

Now, I wanted to go with the 1940s because I really like that decade’s aesthetic, how that decade allowed women to dominate the workplace and give us the self-confidence that we can do anything we set our minds to, and because I have a clear picture of what the decade was like through my grandparents.

I am no stranger to the making of victory rolls, but I clearly needed practice and it took me four tries before I finally got it right for my hair length.

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Victory rolls

My hair was still greasy from yesterday’s coconut oil, and true to the era, I did not wash my hair that day. I did not need any other product nor hairspray. My hair followed whatever shape I coaxed it into, no stray hairs, nothing sticking out. Unbelievable. And it stayed that way the whole day. It would probably have survived gale-force winds. I napped in that hair. I did household chores. Cooked, cleaned, went for a walk. The curls at the nape of my neck also held up all day. Okay, it looked very greasy and a bit stringy, but still, considering I had zero modern products and unwashed hair, I was amazed at the hold of the coconut oil. I went to bed with my hair still intact.

Tomorrow, beer head and pin curls.

1 thought on “Living History Experiment Day 2: Victory Rolls and Sleepless Nights

  1. I’m 61, I remember my mother doing this hairstyle throughout the 70s. I didn’t realise it seems to have been the natural oils that kept it in!!!
    go for it – this is really interesting.

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