Instagram Has Killed The Radio Blog?

No it really hasn’t! If anything, it’s my crazy schedule that’s been hindering me from updating my blog!

Instagram is a quick and dirty way to share my foodie adventures, so please add me up! I’ll try to upload more recipes as they come.

I just came back from the East Coast/USA and I finally understand why bagels are a BIG DEAL!

OMG it’s basically warm and chewy pizza crust, which is one of the best things on earth!. I love salmon. I love cream cheese. So dang if this didn’t hit the spot.

I also tried Famous Nathan’s hot dogs. They were…underwhelming? Maybe some Gray Papaya’s next time when I see them!

2 thoughts on “Instagram Has Killed The Radio Blog?

  1. Hey Cathy!

    I find homemade hotdogs to be very satisfying — if only for the challenge. I’ve only done it once or twice so far, and not at all this past year. Sarah is OK with helping me stuff the casings, but she finds the emulsification process to be too yucky. So that part I have to do myself.

    We just moved to a place with a small year and patio, so I plan on grilling a lot more. That means, come spring, a lot more sausage making (and hotdogs along with that) is in the works for this year.

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