Cleaning Out My Cupboard

20140408_061737I am beginning to wonder if I am a food hoarder. I am an admitted supermarket tourist, scouring foreign Supermarket shelves for hard-to-find and unique grocery products. A recent trip to the Netherlands meant that I purchased six jars of Speculoos spread and ginger jam.

With my pantry exploding to the gills, I’ve decided to make a more conscious choice in cooking using ingredients I already have in stock. That, and the decision to spend no more than 20 euros a week on groceries–mostly on staples like meat and fish–will hopefully reduce the volume. To note, I have two bags of black rice, two red, one sack of wild rice, and half a bag each of basmati and parboiled rice. In the spirit of spring cleaning, I made biko and had a halo-halo party with friends last Saturday. I hope that helps some!

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