Noodles Toodles

The summer of my 11thyear was spent poring over my aunt’s cookbooks and made my own noodles. I think I even had noodles as an afternoon snack, since I made so many noodles,  with the obsessiveness that only an 11-year old kid can muster.

So I find it surprising that it took me over twenty(!) years to make my own noodles again using the recipe in the book “The Silver Spoon,” which I got as a present last Christmas.

So basically it’s just two eggs, 250 grams of flour, and a bit more to dust the surface. Create a depression in the middle, crack one egg in the middle, add a pinch of salt, mix. Crack the next egg, and mix. The dough should turn shiny and elastic. If it is too dry, wet your hands and knead. If too wet, add a bit more flour on your mixing surface. Form into a ball, then let it rest for fifteen minutes to an hour in the fridge, or use it the next day after covering the ball with plastic wrap.

I don’t have a pasta machine. People are surprised that I don’t have one, nor a rice cooker. I have tiny kitchen syndrome, so I am trying to avoid buying something that is so specialized. Rolling the dough manually was much easier with a plastic pastry rolling pin rather than a wooden one. I first rolled the ball as flat as I could, then halved it, rolling it as flat as I could, then halving it…you get the pattern.

As you see, the results are indeed quite thin. We made Farfalle, my son’s favorite. And since the noodles are fresh, they only need to be cooked in boiling water for one to two minutes. Unfortunately, the dough does not keep well for over a day or after it has been rolled, so it has to be eaten almost immediately.  Serves four.

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