La Petite France/ Erfurt

For one of my favorite establishments in Erfurt, it is quite surprising that I have never taken a picture of the restaurant La Petite France.

La Petite France in its old and new location has always been a small bistro where you could get French specialties like wine, olive oil, and cheese. It is an ideal place for a romantic evening for two, where quiet music, low lights, amazing cheese, and wine can get the mood going.

Whenever I am in the area, go there and try great cheese that I would not know of otherwise without blowing the bank. Last week I decided to try out Mimolette,  a hard, yellow cheese with cheese mites on the crust. The last time I was there, I tried a Sainte Maure, a lovely goat cheese covered in ash with a piece of hollow straw (as in hay) inserted in the middle. The owner said that this facilitates the aeration of the cheese.

This is a place that I willingly patronize despite the distance from my home, because they really do have amazing cheese. I swallow a few lactose-intolerant tablets, try their goat cheese in honey and lavender flower, and for a few moments I am in France.

la petite France e.K.

Straße des Friedens 8 99094 Erfurt

Tuesdays to Fridays 12-10 pm

Saturdays 5 to 10 pm

Closed Mondays, Sundays and holidays.

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