Necessity Is The Mother of Invention–This Year’s Christmas Wreath

Remember the tale of the Stone Soup? This year’s wreath is the equivalent of that. I had already my wreath all planned out, when I discovered that those lovely hay wreaths I bought last year were sold out in the size I wanted them. I had already bought two boughs of pine leaves, so what to do?

wreath1I took two switches of pine, and bundled them together with a thin green craft wire. Added two more switches about 10 inches from the base of the first switch, and roll the wire around the leaves to hold them in place. Repeat the process  and bend the  boughs into a wreath. The wire should snake around the boughs as support to keep the shape. It wasn’t exactly round, and it had more of an oblong shape. It turned out fine in the end.

Taking a square plastic fruit dish, I put a cork coaster over it as a base for the four candles. I always buy candles when they are on sale, so I didn’t need to buy anything extra. The dried-up apples came from my kitchen counter from this year’s harvest, so I was glad to find a use for them instead of throwing  them away. The cinnamon sticks and star anise also came courtesy of the kitchen pantry. The pine cones came from the park, so did the walnuts.

It turned out great, using materials I already had around the house. I was really glad I found a way to use them apples!

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