Zum Alten Schwan–Erfurt

Salmon with leeks, juniper foam, on a bed of sauteed winter vegetables and parsley mashed potatoes.

In the whole rush of Christmas activities, I have been quite remiss with my blogging activities. One of the parties that I attended took place in the Restaurant “Zum Alten Schwan,” which belongs to a hotel in Erfurt. The building itself is quite old, as it was built in the 13th century, but the restaurant is relatively new. It is also located right in the city center, just behind the historic Krämerbrücke, which is an added plus.

It sells itself as a fine dining establishment, but I would rather classify it as somewhere in between. The food is delicious, the restaurant serves traditional German food with a twist, and a three course meal set us back at least 30 euros per person. So value for money-wise, it is a good deal. They deal with the comfortable and familiar, so don’t expect cutting-edge cooking here.

It was a very satisfying dining experience. The only thing that bothered me are the restrooms. They were so antiseptic-looking that I thought I was in a hospital, not at a hotel. Definitely time for a renovation!

zum Alten Schwan

Gotthardt Str. 27

99084 Erfurt

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