Tokwa and Togue

Photo by: K. Simbulan

Sorry for the long silence, I’ve been very busy juggling a couple of projects. This weekend is all about me and my bed, uh-huh.

I had to cook a meal for 200 people! It had to be easy to make, cheap, vegetarian, and Filipino! It’s surprising that Filipinos would spice up any vegetarian dish with meat, it was difficult to think of something where all ingredients are found in Germany. I ended up with making Togue and Tokwa, or bean sprouts and tofu, a very easy vegan stir-fry.

To make enough for four to five people, you’d need a block of tofu and about 150 g bean sprouts. One can use more to strech the dish to feed more people.

First take the tofu block out of water, strain, and blot with a towel until the tofu is dry-ish.

Take a large clove of garlic (or more if desired), smush it up with a pestle or the back of a knife, and chop it up. Cut up the tofu in 1 inch blocks. Warm up three tablespoons of oil in a pan with higher walls. Sauté  the garlic in the oil and remove when brown. Fry the tofu blocks to brown, for five minutes, stirring every so often. Add the sprouts, then add four tablespoons of soy sauce. Add the garlic, and season with salt and pepper as desired. Other veggie strips like carrots and bell peppers can also be added.Eat with steamed rice.

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