Book Review: The Magnolia Cookbook


Does America have a taste? The Magnolia Cookbook, comes from the former owners of what was probably the most in-demand pastry shop in New York during the ’90s.It has inspired many people to devote their lives making cupcakes, including I believe the people behind Cupcakeria. It basically covers America’s baked passions like cobbler and pecan pie, and none of the coffee-cake nonsense that German bakeries offer. We’re talking about major moisture and maximum fluffiness.

I spotted this at–where else? TK Maxx, and started with their blueberry muffins.Then I got cracking on their pecan pie. The muffins were really moist, but I wouldn’t call it extraordinary. The pecan pie was interesting, but it isn’t someting I would write home about. I haven’t tried anything of theirs yet that made me say, “Yes, this one is a winner!”

What I found most interesting about this cookbook is that they have devoted the beginning of the book to their set of very specific set of instructions regarding their baking and stirring techniques. That they always use room-temperature eggs, do not over-mix the  dough or batter, pie crust dough has to be sprinkled with ice water…and this for four pages. Learning about the process is what I find most fascinating, which is why I’m learning how to cook.

The techniques mentioned really do work! Ice water and vegetable oil make for a flaky pie crust, while buttermilk and ignoring lumps in the batter make for a moister cake. Just learning how I could prevent a cheesecake from cracking in the oven makes this book worth the money I spent on it.

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