Food and Germans

I went to Leipzig, a bit too early for an appointment. I had time to kill, so what do you do? Go to one of Leipzig’s many free museums! And as luck would have it, The Zeitgeschichtliches Forum Leipzig has a temporary exhibit on the eating and drinking habits of zee Germans.

It chronicles how people ate in Post-war Germany, and how food and shopping habits developed in both East and West, and after re-unification.

Highlight for me was seeing “Das Buch für Gute Speise,” the oldest German cookbook, in the flesh! I’ve downloaded it a few years ago and have been wanting to cook some recipes from it, but I haven’t really found the time. Maybe I will! I also ended up buying a book, which will be reviewed in this space in the next few weeks. Stay tuned!

Zeitgeschichtliches Forum Leipzig
Grimmaische Straße 6
04109 Leipzig
Tel: (03 41) 22 20-0
Exhibition will run until February 2, 2014

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