*Total Bread Failure

Ok. Strike two. My first attempt at sour dough bread was a failure, and now my second attempt has produced less than stellar results. See that picture up there? That is supposed to be a globe.

From what I read, I overproofed my dough and it has completely lost its structure. The other half is in my fridge, let’s see if it will fare better in a loaf pan.

I am starting to have a theory about rye-based sour dough. As I read in the book Cooked by Michael Pollan, it takes a special kind of obsessive personality to be a good baker. And if anything, Germans are anal. I can give you many anecdotes to prove this  theory  over a beer, but if my experience with sour dough bread is any indicator, the mere fact that Germans have perfected this type of bread is the best proof of their anal-ness.

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