Strawberry Season Is Here!

What can compare to fresh fruit picked during the right season? Forget about strawberries  from Spain in winter. This is the real deal right here. These strawberries are so sweet, I might as well be eating candy!

I always eagerly await the first strawberry harvest of Gärtnerei Gloria in Erfurt, since they always come up with the sweetest strawberries. The later harvests tend to be tart, and sour/tart strawberries are better for baking and jam. I normally go to one of their fields that are open for picking by customers, but alas, the recent heavy rains and floods in Thüringen  means that in Erfurt, strawberry-picking season for self-picking customers won’t open this year.

So as soon as they set up their temporary stall in Anger Square, I immediately bought myself a small box, sat myself on a bench, and enjoyed one of  life’s small pleasures: eating strawberries in the warm sun.


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