Dandelion Salad

Now that spring has sprung, dandelions and daisies are making a wonderful comeback! Did you know that they are edible? Neither did I until I read the Hunger Games. In the book, Katniss the protagonist was on the verge of starvation when she saw a dandelion which gave her back the confidence to care for her family by scavenging for edible wild herbs and vegetables and by hunting. She made dandelion salad that day.

This piqued my interest and decided to try it out by picking a few dandelions from our backyard. Î fried some bacon bits, added some home-made croutons, blanched the dandelions shortly in hot water to get the bitterness out, dressed it in olive oil, pepper, and salt.

It was very pretty to look at, as you could see from the photo. But how did it taste like?. Uhmm…let’s say it was an interesting experience. Blanching didn’t completely remove the bitterness, and I was only able to counteract it by chewing the salad with bacon bits. The leaves are really tough. And I swear it stayed in the pit of my stomach for a day. Oh, and did you know that dandelion is also a diuretic?

My conclusion is:  I think that dandelion leaves are better suited for cooking than for a salad.  Why bother with dandelion salad when rocket (aka rucola) also grows wild in Germany? Katniss  must have been really desperate to have eaten dandelion salad.

2 thoughts on “Dandelion Salad

  1. Dandelions were originally brought to the US to be used for food!
    I think they’re nasty, but I’m not a huge rocket fan either. (It’s fine in the right amount with the right other ingredients.)

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