“My” Apple Tree

The tree is in a residential area in Erfurt, one of the last neighborhoods before you hit the industrial part of town. It is located in a grove between the neigborhood and a wall of trees that sound-proofs the place from the busy street just beyond the trees. I discovered it because it is down the street from my son’s old day-care provider. Nobody really picks the apples from this tree. But I tell you, it has the sweetest, bloody-red apples that I could get for free. I used to pick apples two to three times per season, but since my son moved to Kindergarten I was only able to manage one picking. There is also a cherry tree nearby, with low hanging cherries, and I used to go there more often.

This year I decided not to go for any cherries, since you need to can cherries immediately because they don’t keep well. I made one or two cherry pastries, and that was it.

The best things in life are indeed free.

3 thoughts on ““My” Apple Tree

  1. Thank you Taylor, you have a very interesting website! I have always wanted to know what cultivar my apple tree is. The tree has actually three different (grafted) cultivars. My favorite is the aforementioned bloody red one, which has dense, glassy spots of the sweetest fruit imaginable. Unfortunately, nobody has pruned the tree, which belongs to the government. I am very tempted to take matters into my own hands!

    BTW, the origin of the apple has (as of now), determined to be Kazakhstan.

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