Cookies For A Cause


I was invited to participate in a bakefest for a good cause. My friend Tanya is a chef and organizes “cooking experiences” in Th├╝ringia, in English and in German. These are basically cooking classes that tries to explore a different part of the world by cooking the food there instead of booking a plane ticket. Quite clever!

The theme was “International Baking Expedition,” And we baked cookies from different parts of the world. The cookes were to be sold and the proceeds went to the┬áKinder- und Jugendtreffs Marienstift. I was assigned to the Persian table, where I was given a giant bowl of Naan Berenji batter. The cookie is made from rice flour, so it was a more glutinous consistency than normal batter.

I think they turned out great! We sampled German Vanille Kipferl, Chocolate Chili Logs from Canada, Butter Shortbread from England, among others.

Thank you Tanya for the experience!

Cookies for a cause




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