The Mommy Files: Well-Played, Peking

As I have mentioned, I am always on the lookout for amenities for families with young children. Peking Airport has really done well in this aspect! There are several “parents only” restrooms with a changing table for babies, and a fully-equipped playground (Made in Germany).

Flying to Manila from Frankfurt via Air China means a six-hour stopover in Peking. Passengers can nap on lounge chairs in a remote corner of the airport, not so far from where this playpen is located. It does face the sun, however, so be prepared for a tan afterwards.

Families, if they request for it early enough, can get a room in the airport hotel/lounge and sleep there for a few hours. The room is tiny, and there is a lot left to be desired, hygiene-wise, but after a long flight, a bed–any bed–seems like sweet relief.

So in total, I give Peking Airport an A-.


2 thoughts on “The Mommy Files: Well-Played, Peking

  1. Sounds like big changes since I was there last in early 2005 for a several-hour layover on my way to Nanjing. Back then it seemed more like an aircraft hangar they decided to plop a few chairs into.

  2. Yep, the Airport is fairly new. I hope that the Chinese are able to maintain it to its present standard. The use of the Lounge is free, as long as you ask for it beforehand, The travel agent or the airline will send a lounge voucher with the ticket.

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