Cake Fail

This was quite an easy cake to make, but I made several mistakes that by the time we got this to the recipient, it had started sagging on one side. It was so embarrassing.

It was laziness that basically undid this cake. I had store-bought Zuckerguss (Fondant) that needed using, so it went on this cake. Never again! It was a lemony-tasing mess, that runny fondant.

I was dead-tired the Friday before the party, so I said, I’ll bake the cake Saturday morning. I had no space in my freezer for the cake pan. This is the reason you need to freeze or wait a few days for your cake to dry out. It couldn’t carry the weight of the icing if it is still very spongy.

Another mistake I made was that I didn’t do a “crumb layer” under the fondant. That is the tricky thing about this stuff. It shows every single crumb or uneveness under it. I still had icing left over from the Thomas cake which I froze, and read could sucessfully re-constitute using milk. I read wrong! After defrosting it was clear that I had a clumpy, buttery gunk, that I couldn’t use. Because I was lazy with starting the cake, I had no time make icing to do a crumb layer.

Lesson learned! Never, ever rush a cake.

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