Dunkin’ Donuts!



American franchises are rare in Germany. Aside from the ubiquitous Mickey Ds and BKs, there aren’t a lot of American franchises in my neck of the woods.

Heidelbergerin made a comment about making an unexpected stop to Dunkin’ Donuts when she last went to Berlin.

Strangely enough, I do the same when I find myself in Berlin, I strangely make a beeline for Dunkin’ Donuts, either the one at Potsdamer Platz or at the Zoogarten Bahnhof. Oh, and speaking of the Zoobahnhof, across the street is a KFC, and when I’m there, might as well stop by and get an Original recipe chicken and mash with a lot of gravy. I miss the jugs of gravy that stand at the condiments section, Germans are stingy with the condiments. But I digress.

When I went to Italy via Berlin Tegel, I bought an overpriced hotdog from an “American-style” hotdog stand there. I’m not normally a hotdog, chicken, or donut person, but there really is power in marketing to kids. I buy them not because I really crave them, but because they are familiar foods in a strange country.

Does this make sense?


1 thought on “Dunkin’ Donuts!

  1. Definitely…we eat Pizza Hut or McDonald’s once or twice a year here which is more than we did in the US, where it was more available!
    I was recently in the UK and was really surprised at how many US chains are all over there. Germany has done a pretty good job of holding them off, I think.

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